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Metal Contact Materials


ECI takes pride in providing quality electrical contacts. Clients and those throughout North and South America choose our company when they need the best electrical materials for their switch and breaker components.  

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We Supply The Best In:

  • Electrical Contact Tips and Buttons

  • Electrical Contact Materials

  • Electrical Contact Assemblies

  • Washers and Shims

  • Brazing Alloys

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Materials

  • Silver, Gold, Zinc, and Nickel-Plated Components

Industrial Drill for metal contacts

High Voltage

3 arching & non arching products

Most Commonly Used Materials/Alloys For Switches And Breakers:

  • Copper (Cu)

  • Copper Tungsten (CuW)

  • Copper Chromium Zirconium (CuCrZr)

  • Silver Tungsten (AgW)

  • Silver Tungsten Carbide (AgWC)

Copper tungsten contacts
copper materials

Low To Medium Voltage

Most Commonly Used Materials/Alloys For Relays, Switches, And Breakers:

Silver Contact Materials
  • Fine Silver (Ag)

  • Copper (Cu)

  • Silver Cadmium Oxide (AgCdO)

  • Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO)

  • Silver Nickel (AgNi)

  • Silver Tungsten (AgW)

  • Silver Tungsten Carbide (AgWC)

  • Silver Copper (AgCu)

  • Silver Graphite (AgC)

Copper Contact Materials
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