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We are located just outside of Atlanta GA and specialize in the manufacturing and supply of Low through to High Voltage Electrical Contact Materials. Specifically we supply Electrical Contact Tips, Discs, Assemblies, Profile Tape, Wire and Contact Rivets to manufacturers of electrical switches, or second tier sub suppliers.  Our contact materials are found in any relay, contactor, or other mechanical or electromechanical switchgear that require the highest quality contact materials, in short lead times and aggressively priced.

We offer a wide range of material alloys and form factors for your low, medium and high voltage switch applications; please click here to see the types of alloys and form factors available. 

The industries we currently serve are: Aerospace, Rail, Automotive, Commercial and Industrial Controls, Power Transmision and Consumer Electronics.  

Since we specialize only in the electrical current carrying portion of your electrical device, we are able to apply our entire focus to consistently deliver high quality materials on schedule and at aggressive prices. Please click here for our Quality Policy

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We understand that the application of the switch drives the design and selection of the contact material, and can present a challenge considering the multiple choices now available. Your requirements may involve various electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, and environmental properties, and our engineers are able to work with you to develop the correct component for your switch, or we will manufacture contacts based on your specifications.

All of our products are manufactured in strict compliance with ISO 9001, and due to our vertically integrated approach to manufacturing we have regimented in-process controls, keeping your project on schedule.

If your contacts or assemblies require plating we offer silver, gold, electroless nickel and tin plating; either all over plated, or selectively masked. Whether your parts require rack, barrel or continuous reel to reel plating, we offer solutions for them all!

Located within 30 minutes of the Atlanta Airport, we offer an uncompromising dedication to your success and excel in Customer Service, Quality Products and Competitive Pricing .

Please contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.

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